Metro Revellers see youth rise in gallant defeat

By Jordan Witte and Claire Macuz

The Metro Revellers 17-2 squad saw the unavailability of key players Maddy Birrell, Lucy Beath, Ketria Wood and Jasmine Synott, giving several young under 15 players the opportunity to step up and experience a higher grade.

Otilia Acosta, Isabel Leraci, Isabela Cavallo and Ella Zaccari all acquitted themselves well, as the Revellers suffered defeat at the hands of St. Therese’s.

Acosta in particular turned in a brave performance playing on a much taller and more experienced Saints goal attack, while Leraci and Zaccari played pivotal roles through the midcourt and provided tenacity and speed going forward.

In an unfamiliar role as one of the oldest players in the team, Eve Hinchliffe played centre for two quarters before being switched to her favoured wing defence, where her pressure was more noticeable and focused, blunting several Saints attacks.

Reese Willder returned to the squad and had an immediate impact with excellent pressure on the ball at wing defence, while Leah Cheevers, captain in the absence of Louisa Bongrain, gave a typically lionhearted effort through all four quarters.

Returning from a knee injury, Aimee Harris showed plenty pushing up the court as a goal attack, but suffered from lack of opportunity as the Saints defense swarmed every pass. Harris and Cavallo scored well from limited opportunities, but couldn’t prevent a defeat.


3: Leah Cheevers 2: Reese Wilder 1: Eve Hinchliffe

Bela Cavallo, Aimee Harris, Eve Hinchliffe, Ella Zaccari, Reese Willder, Otilia Acosta, Leah Cheevers, Isabel Leraci


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