Electric Macuz lights up Lightning

By Claire Macuz and Jordan Witte

Tuesday night’s Metro Revellers Division 2 side displayed a multitude of youth in their line-up, coming out winners in a tight match against 12th placed Parkville Lightning 34-30.

Budding athlete Heidi Macuz, at just 16 years old, proved to be invaluable in the goal circle for the team, scoring 25 goals from 33 attempts, shooting at 76% for the match.

After moving clubs two years ago, Macuz has developed her skills, strengths and knowledge of the game, and displayed all of this in pure class throughout the match. She played in her non-preferred position of goal shooter for the game, with experienced Casey Jess alongside her in goal attack.

The duo piled on a nine goal first term, with nerves seemingly playing a part in Macuz’s accuracy, after shooting only one goal from three attempts, but it did not affect her movement.

It was aqueous and straight out of a coaching handbook.

The offensive flair between centres Beccy Lewis and Ally Brown, and wing attack Kali Fraser were on display as the Revellers carried the ball from coast to coast multiple times through the first term. Fraser had a dominant quarter, with five goal assists – four of those directly to Macuz – one interception and deflection each.

Constant dominance has been an issue during the season for the squad, with a multitude of injuries disrupting the fluency of the line-up. Evidently, the new players coming in to fill positions this week had much of the same result, with the second term proving that Lightning weren’t going down without a fight.

After being six goals ahead at the first break, the Revellers became complacent, turning the ball over six times and attempting to go over their opponent’s defensive set-up instead of taking a short, hard pass to a player moving towards the ball. The Lightning scored four unanswered goals, the Revellers scored one. The Lightning scored three unanswered goals, the Revellers scored one. The Lightning scored four unanswered goals, the Revellers scored one.

That complacency allowed Lightning back into the game, with their goal shooter scoring six from eight attempts for the term.

At the half time break, head coach Ferruccio Servello, dissatisfied with the effort from his players, commanded a one-on-one defensive setup. No pass was to be easy. No pass was to go coast to coast.

What was needed was a massive third term. What was needed was Macuz to come to the party once and for all.

Macuz came.

Dominance followed.

Think Stephen Curry. Think Curry in the 2010-2011 season from the free throw line. Think Curry shooting at 93.4%.

This was exactly what Servello ordered, and not only did Macuz rise to the challenge scoring 10 from 10 for the quarter, but every single other player rose as well.

Let’s take a look at some statistics from that quarter.

Jess, still playing in goal attack, assisted in goals on three occasions and scored a goal of her own. Gina Blake, with two vital intercepts and a rebound, crucified her opposing goal attack with drives down the court three times, clearing the defensive setup and deliver the ball with precision to her attackers. Fraser and Lewis demanded the ball with fast-paced drives racking up three assists and two deflections between them.

The Revellers went in to the final break two goals ahead and ready to rumble.

The last quarter was a shoot-out to see who would end up in the lead at the end. The Revellers returned to their ‘Five’ zone defence, aiding their circle defenders Blake and Clare Johnson, and wing defence Courtney Czak in two interceptions and three deflections to solidify the win.

Lewis proved her worth, in her final of three quarters in centre, with a significant display of finesse with four goal assists.

Macuz also lifted alongside Lewis and demanding the ball front and centre, proved too much of a handful for her goal keeper as she effortlessly scored 7/10 for the quarter, and secured the win for the Revellers 34-30.

Although being second last on the ladder, just above Doncaster and District, Lightning gave the Revellers a run for their money and almost came out on top.

After a deplorable match against Doncaster last week, the Revellers definitely showed improvement. With new players seizing their opportunities as Macuz did this week, and the likes of Brown and Arabella Williams have in the past month, the Revellers definitely have their hands full with upcoming talent going into the future, and have almost certainly given coach Servello some food for thought going into next season.


Votes: H. Macuz 3 G. Blake 2 K. Fraser 1

  1. Macuz 25/33 (76%)
  2. Jess 9/17 (53%)

Lineup: H. Macuz, C. Jess, K. Fraser, B. Lewis, C. Czak, A. Brown, G. Blake, C. Johnson


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