Metro Jets proud to be a part of history

tristan edit.jpg

This Tuesday night, the Metro Jets are proud to be a part of history.

After Parkville’s administrative staff raised the eligibility age for young males playing in Premier Division to 14, the Jets are extremely excited to announce the debut of 13-year-old Tristan Comans, who will become the first ever male to play a match in the Premier Open Division at Parkville.

Comans, who received clearance and eligibility from Parkville staff to play in Premier Division through the week, may not have even caught the eye of Metro’s coaching staff, had it not been for his older sister, Paige.

Paige crossed from Craigieburn to play in the under-15s at Metro at the conclusion of last season. Tristan attended training with his sister and their family, and graduated from shooting at a ring by himself, to joining in drills to make up numbers.

It was then that coaching staff, including head coach Ferruccio Servello and Division 6 coach Claire Macuz, noticed his movement and defensive instincts.

It was an easy decision to approach Comans, and the teenager was eager to accept the position in Division 6.

“It’s a really good opportunity for him and for us,” Macuz said after Comans’ final training session before his debut, during which he joined in full-court match play against players from Division 4 and Division 5.

Comans will likely suit up in a defensive position. He impressed Division 4 goaler Heidi Macuz during Friday’s training session.

“He uses his body well, and is definitely athletic enough to have an impact,” the younger sister of Claire said.

“He has a lot to learn, but at 13 years old, he’s got a strong body and the capabilities to get a lot better.”

Comans is still very young, but all great careers start with a single step. Metro is proud to be a part of Comans’ first step.

Good luck, Tristan!

Check back after the game on Tuesday night for an extended look at Tristan’s debut, and a quick chat with the 13-year-old. 


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